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[Notice:VJDirector2 has Released, for more detail] VJDirector (Digital Living System) is a Windows-based soft workstation for multimedia editing, recording and broadcasting. Features include special effect switching unit, vitual cam, subtitler, video recorders, network broadcasting system, simple drive broadcasting system and linear editing system. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The system contains five input channels that support multitude input methods, including analog or digital real-time steaming or documents; It supports real-time switching among all the channels, and supports various 2D and 3D transitional effects which can be extended, customized and upgraded; it also Supports real-time subtitle, banner and animated picture superposition; the ticker by superposition supports various 2D and 3D changing effects, by which you can achieve fantastic real-time video; The system enables a variety of output methods, including real-time streaming, AVI files and hardware output (real-time streaming supports WMV streaming, which can be directly used for Internet broadcasting; file output supports WMV / AVI format that is compressed for any resolution level for last-stage non-linear editing or internet publishing; hardware output is realized through audio, video S-Video/VGA port, or through SDI adapter to output SDI signal). DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEM FUNCTIONS 1.INPUT Supporting 5 video input channels that can be customized or extended for more channels if it is required. Analog input: Supporting various hardware devices that are drived by WDM: including camcorder, video recorder, video grabbing card and so on. Digital input: supporting input in various file formats: WMV/Real Media/Mpeg4/Mpeg2/AVI etc. Streaming input: supporting Windows Media/Real Media streaming. 2.REAL-TIME SWITCHING EFFECT: Supporting switching between any two of the 5 input channels. Supporting various 2D/3D switching effects. The Effects can be customized, extended and updated. 3.CORNER BANNER: Supporting 2 banners, which can be set to any of the four corners. More banners can be customized or extended if it is required. The banner supports many graphic formats (BNP / JPG / GIF / PNG / DDS / DIB / TGA etc.). Supporting animated and transparent banners. Knocking out the background color of the banner intelligently. 4.SUBTITLE: Supporting auto and manual subtitles. Subtitle can be loaded from file or manually. The font can be customized, supporting numerous font effects: 3D, shadow, frame and so on. 5.FLYING SUBTITLE: Supporting any pictures or text to be superposed at any postilion on the video. Supporting various graphic formats (bmp/jpg/gif/png and so on). Supporting various 2D/3d ticker moving effects. The time and speed of the effects can be customized. 6.OUTPUT: Supporting web streaming output, which is directly published on internet, incur: Windows Media/Real Media/Mpeg4/Mpeg2. Supporting hardware output, such as audio adapter and VGA signal, or SDI signal through SDI adapter. Supporting output to file, saved either as WMV or AVI video format.

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VJDirector 2.7.1735.0 – Free download
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VJDirector supports the following platforms: Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003
VJDirector supports the following operating systems: Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7

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